Our foundation

Premier Bee Products, LLC did extensive research into the dimensions and characteristics of naturally built comb. As a result of our research, we developed a plastic foundation product with cell dimensions and wall thickness that closely replicates the natural comb created by bees.

We also researched all available plastic manufacturing processes to determine the best manufacturing solution that would help us create the highest quality product at the best possible price point allowing us to put dollars back in the beekeepers pocket.

Through some additional testing and discussions with many beekeepers, we also determined that the quality of wax applied to the plastic foundation directly affects how efficiently and effectively the bees draw out the comb. Premier Bee Products uses only the highest quality capping wax rendered in the USA. We researched a number of companies, and went with one that is known to have a very strong reputation in the industry. We use only A.H. Meyer & Sons wax on our plastic foundation.

Our products are completely manufactured, waxed, and made ready for your use in the United States. Try our products and we are confident you will notice the difference!


Our foundation is available in white, yellow, and black to suit your preference. Our deep-celled foundation is pictured here.

We asked beekeepers, and they told us that they prefer wood for their frames. Pictured here is a framed medium foundation.

We asked beekeepers, and they told us that they prefer wood for their frames. Pictured here is a framed medium foundation.

The Specifics

  • 100% of our wax applied to the foundation is sourced from A.H. Meyer & Sons Inc. Read more in the section below.

    • No-wax, Premier Heavy Wax, and Platinum Extra Heavy Wax are available

  • Premier Bee Products Foundation is Made in the USA, allowing us to control costs and pass savings on to you.

  • We employ the most precise cell design with the deepest individual cells and the highest cell walls.

    • Compatible with all uncapping and extraction equipment

  • Easiest to install - Premier Foundation fits into all top/bottom groove 9-1/8", 6-1/4", and 5-3/8" frames that accept deep, medium, and shallow beehive foundation.

  • Extremely durable plastic - holds up to repeated extracting processes and saves you money.

  • Premier Deep Foundation can include a communication channel to allow for movement between the frames. We give you the option to decide.

  • You may choose to purchase our foundation with or without our specially designed frames, which make replacing used foundations easier than ever and save you money. Frames may also be purchased separately. Click here to shop all our products now.

  • Ultimately, our foundations are tested and proven to be the best and most cost-effective plastic foundation available in the industry. See for yourself. Ask around or buy today.


A.H. Meyer & Sons Wax

Premier Bee Products uses only the best available wax on all of our beehive foundation.  We work exclusively and directly with A.H Meyer & Sons Inc. to acquire their highest grade wax for our application process.  We melt the wax and then evenly spray it to both sides of the foundation to ensure complete coverage.  This allows the bees a base of wax on the foundation from which to quickly build out the comb.  The quicker the comb is drawn out, the sooner the bees can start to make honey.