Premier Bee Products: Business as Usual

It took more than two years for a group of four guys to come up with a business idea and plan that would allow us to exercise our collective years of diverse business experience, work skills, and general knowledge toward one worthwhile goal. And we found it right here.

Each team member (listed on the left) brought a unique set of skills and qualifications to help on this journey. These included the following:

  • Engineering & manufacturing experience in plastic extrusion processes

  • Mechanical aptitude and hands-on experience building a production line

  • General ingenuity, creativity, and an ability to think outside the box

  • Accounting, business process development, and prior business ownership

  • Sales, marketing, and website strategies

  • And a long history of individual success at all levels of business operations

Once we realized we had the appropriate skills and know-how for the industry, we set out. Months later, everything was in place and our products were manufactured and ready for sale.  We're confident that our diligence in crafting our product, as well as our knowledge of our customers and our ability to control costs in the manufacturing processes, will position us to offer high-quality products at highly competitive prices.

From the beginning, our primary goal has been to put money back in beekeepers' pockets by offering a durable, high-yielding product at a reasonable price. Because we want you to succeed, we're glad you've chosen The Bee's Choice